We believe in teamwork and
that happiness spreads by sharing.

iyzico provides you a privileged world with its team who knows what they want, is speedy in terms of productivity, who is intelligent and solution-oriented. iyzico is happy as long as it makes you happy, it speaks the same language as its customers with its passion and ambition.
  • Founded in 2013, iyzico is the brainchild of German-born Turks, Barbaros Özbuğutu and Tahsin Isın, who moved from Germany to Turkey to set up the business. Started out with 3 people, iyzico is now Turkey’s fastest growing fintech company composed of more than 130 people providing secure payment solutions to online sellers of different sizes as well as online shoppers. iyzico offers a premium product in terms of its quality service. Global and local merchants and buyers who use iyzico are supported by real people, in real places, who can provide real support. Aspiring to become Turkey’s first unicorn we strive to build both the best possible product and the best company culture in Turkey. We value “iyzico culture” as much we care about professional and educational accomplishments. At iyzico we’re easy, happy, fast and fair. We do not like working in silos, we’re easy to work with. We like to get things done together as a team making us faster and happier. And at iyzico, being fair is at the heart of everything. We take decisions based on data rather than gut feeling. Our culture is driven by respect, transparency, results and direct feedback.

World Of iyzico
The passionate iyzico team works hard in a fun and friendly environment. The iyzico team knows how to enjoy life, does a lot of brainstorming sessions and celebrates its success the best way possible!

Iyzico About Us