Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

-How can I measure my ring size?

You can measure your ring size in a nearby Jewelry store or you can learn it on Elmas Is ring size measurement.


-Are your products made of silver?

Our products are 925 solid sterling silver. We also have a lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee.


-How does the lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee work? 

You can send all the products you bought from or our sellers to us. You just have to insert a note saying “I want maintenance and repair”. After that, we make sure to maintain and repair it for you and send it back to you with free shipping.


-How much does the shipment cost?

Shipping is free World-Wide. 


-Are you using natural stones?

We use synthetic stones. They are heat-tolerant and can not be broken in any procedure such as resizing. We don’t use zircon, which is a popular gemstone in the market. 


-How long does delivery take?

It takes 10-12 days. 


-When will I receive my delivery?

The delivery process begins when you finish the payment. If there is any problem with the supply of the product you want, we let you know. Our staff will notify you through your registered e-mail about the problem. We ship your order and make sure it is delivered to you in 15 working days. 


-How will I know if my order is shipped?

When the order you made on our website is shipped we automatically send the shipment information to your registered e-mail on our website. That way you can learn when your order is shipped. We will also be providing a tracking number to you which you can use to learn your order’s location anytime you want.  


-My order arrived but it’s wrong/damaged. What should I do?

When your order arrives, you should always check the exterior package before you accept the delivery to see if there is any damage. In the case of any damage, you can start a “Damage Report”. The most important thing you should pay attention to the Damage Report is the explanations that the deliverer makes. For example, a report like “There is no damage to the package. The product is damaged.” is interpreted as the product wasn’t damaged during the shipment. Therefore this causes complications while returning the product. Make sure that the deliverer writes the correct and the full words on the report for your damaged product. For example: “I checked the product before I accepted the delivery and it was damaged.”

For the damages you noticed after you accepted the delivery, please inform your courier company’s branch immediately. Then demand a damage report for the product. If you can’t get help from the courier company please let us know. After preparing a damage report and shipping the product back to us, we will complete the return process in a short time. We keep you informed in every part of the process. 

IMPORTANT: You should send the damaged product via the same courier company we used. 


My receipt didn’t arrive with my order. What should I do?

Orders are given to the courier company by their receipt and together with their receipts. Our official receipts can not be separated from your order. You can find your receipt on the exterior package of your order inside a transparent, plastic mini bag. If, due to any reason, there is no receipt on your package please inform your deliverer and ask for one. If you are still not provided with one, despite your best efforts, please have the courier officers prepare a report. When you let us know, we will either make sure that the courier office finds the receipt or provide you with a receipt with a certified true copy stamp. 


What Should Be Considered During Cargo Delivery?

When you receive your order, sign for the delivery. After that, you can open the package and check your order in the deliverer’s presence. If there is anything missing or damaged in your delivery please let us know. You can send the delivery back to us after having a report prepared by the courier. If you have any difficulty with the deliverer please inform us. We will resolve the matter as soon as possible. 

If you get a damaged or deformed order package, you can send it directly back to us without accepting the delivery. If you realized that the packaged is damaged after the delivery you can send it back to us after having a report prepared. When we receive the returned product, we will register it. You will have a new product in no time.

If you have any more questions please contact us. 


Our WhatsApp number is: 0532 436 42 49